[Daytime] Kinjofuto Sta. ⇔ Chubu International Airport

[Daytime] Kinjofuto Sta. ⇔ Chubu International Airport

Chubu International Airport offer

Daytime bus

※It changes in "Japan Expressway Bus Net". Vacant seat inquiry, a reservation, the purchase is possible.

Fare, advantageous ticket

Chubu International Airport ⇔ Kinjofuto Sta. of one-way ( adult / one ): 1,000 yen

※The child is half price of adult.

  • Look at a bus and the Aonami Line

    It is advantageous with a set!

    The central part
    International airport
    bus Kinjofuto Sta. Aonami Line Nagoya Sta.

  • Bus
    X Aonami Line
    Aonami Line

    Adult /

    One way
    1,200 yen

  • ※The child is half price of adult.
  • ※The bus can use JR Tokai Bus, Mie Kotsu ( Chubu International Airport ⇔ Kinjofuto Sta. ).
  • ※I cannot purchase it in the Japan Expressway Bus Net WEB site. You can buy the set ticket in ) to limit to JR Tokai Bus Nagoya tourist bureau, ) in the central travel center ( Chubu International Airport, a bus inside of car ( JR Tokai Bus service service from the Chubu International Airport.

Guidance of a service route, the platform



  • ※Chubu International Airport ⇔ Kinjofuto Sta. operates Mie Kotsu.

Guidance of Kinjofutou

  • The image is an image

    The image is an image

    I open the door to the next generation and change the society, and the history of the development of the railroad is the history that existed with the living of people. The people submitted "a dream" to the train service that was ahead of the times and ticked away "a memory" to become page 1 of the life on a chest. The dream becomes the memory, the memory is still dream ...

    Mainly on the Tokaido Shinkansen, I introduce "the progress of the high-speed railway technology" through display from a conventional line to superconduction linear.
    I provide a place learning the influence that a railroad gave in the society at cut ends such as economy, culture and the life.
    I utilize a model or a simulator and can learn from a child to an adult happily.

    I look at the official site

    I look at the official site

  • Lego land

    Lego land

    It is the experience-based theme park which the Legoland Japan Resort touches Lego R block and the Lego R model and can create.
    I send an unprecedented new experience to you at an adventure type attraction and the show that featured the theme of the view of the world of the Lego R block.
    There is "the mini-land" which reproduced a famous spot of Japan of "Observation tower" and sky three, Tokyo Tower, Himeji-jo Castle of 50m in height that can overlook people in the garden by Lego R block precisely.
    The "Lego R factory tour" and Lego land R Japan-limited workshop which I can observe how Lego R block is made is one of the highlight.

    I look at the official site

Guidance of the Chubu International Airport ( FLIGHT OF DREAMS )



I experience nine aviation contents that Team Lab produced in "the flight park" which I did mainly on a Boeing 787 first issue machine! Gourmets of home Seattle can enjoy town, Seattle founded in Boeing on "the Seattle terrace" of the concept.