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[Daytime] Nagoya ⇔ Kobe

[Daytime] Nagoya ⇔ Kobe

Daytime bus

※It changes in "Japan Expressway Bus Net". A vacant seat inquiry, a reservation, the purchase is possible.

of fare table ( adult / one )

Daytime bus Nagoya ⇔ Kobe Meishin Highway bus Kobe Line


One-way normal

Round-trip discount

Meitetsu bus center

Nagoya Sta.





I am careful and guide you
    [about a fare]
    ・A child is at half price. Less than ( 10 yen are close )
    [round-trip discount]
    ・It is effective for ten days including a use of outward trip day. In addition, it is effective only for an appointed flight when I receive the designation of the return journey service. When I missed it, it is invalid.
    ・I cannot purchase it in the bus inside of car.
[refund fee]

100 yen

It is closed