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Policy ( privacy policy ) about the personal information protection

1.About the handling of the personal information

I acquire the personal information such as a full name, an address, a phone number, the e-mail address of the customer, and Central Japan Railway bus (called us as follows) will use it to perform our duties smoothly. About the handling of the personal information, I observe duty and this protection policy determined commencing with the Personal Information Protection Law by all things laws about the personal information protection concerned.

2.About the acquisition of the personal information and the use purpose

I announce the use purpose beforehand unless we acquire it by appropriate means when we acquire personal information, and it should be dealt as an exception by laws and ordinances or I notify the person after the acquisition immediately or announce it. But I state it clearly beforehand when I acquire it from the person directly in writing.
In addition, identified the use purpose as much as possible, and beforehand the person (only within the use purpose, handle personal information when say an authorized individual distinguished by the personal information, and it is said that is similar as follows, and obtain the )'s consent and unless should be treated as an exception by laws and ordinances.

The use purpose ) of the personal information in ( us

  • ①For the offer of products, services such as the bus transit
  • ②For the guidance such as products, service, various event campaigns such as the bus transit, an offer of various information
  • ③For the trend analyses such as customers about the bus transit or investigation into product development analysis
  • ④For the shipment such as the conduct such as a questionnaire, the prize, guidance, the prize to an elected candidate
  • ⑤For ensuring safety in the bus transit
  • ⑥For the conclusion, maintenance, a notice, the request based on the contract for contract
  • ⑦For ) such as confirmation the confirmation ( person of the conditions for contracts, the confirmation of the purchase qualification
  • ⑧For the opinion from customers, a request, an inquiry, the reception desk about the visit and an answer
  • ⑨The shipment such as various notices, the greetings of the season and for contacting you
  • ⑩To contact you for customers from us
  • ⑪For business analysis, improvement or other research of the service quality
  • ⑫For the offers of the service to be related incidental in insurance against loss, life insurance of the companies to receive the trust of the insurance company, and to perform and these
  • ⑬For the employment management, adoption selection and an offer of the corporate information
  • ⑭For an administrative procedure
  • ※In the cases that we showed the use purposes by a method of the approval such as the notice to the person, the use article individually separately, the contents such as the individual use, purpose will give priority to it over mention mentioned above. Thank you for your understanding.

3.About management of the personal information

We say personal information to constitute personal data ( personal information databases to handle and the personal information databases are aggregates of the information including the personal information and say a thing set by a cabinet ordinance as the thing which I constituted systematically to search specific personal information other than an electronic data base easily. I act as the following that it is said that it is similar and keeps ) in the correct latest contents within the use purpose and, also, I take necessary appropriate measures for safety management and supervise employee and trust ahead.

4.About a third party offer

We do not offer personal data to the third party without obtaining the person's consent beforehand unless it should be dealt as an exception by laws and ordinances.
But an individual may give information to a trip service offer engine, an arrangement caretaker and the carryall combination service company for the purpose of the conduct of the trip of the customer.
When we analyze the use trend of the customer, we use personal information to make the statistical information classified for each ) of attribute ( age, an address about customer. In addition, I may offer a statistical material made based on personal information to the third party, but the information is not included in the statistical material concerned to identify a customer individual.

5.About the use of Cookie

・About advertisement delivery

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  • The third party delivery company including Google delivers an advertisement based on the past access information to our website using Cookie.
  • The user accesses the opto-out page of the Google advertisement and can invalidate use of Cookie by Google.
    Access the opto-out page of ( or Network Advertising Initiative, The ) which can invalidate use of Cookie by the third party delivery company

・About the use situation measurement

I use the following outside service on the use situation measurement of our Web site and I collect the information such as the action histories of the customer and may accumulate. The information to identify an individual, and to tell is not included in information to collect using Cookie.
The collected information is managed based on the privacy policy of the outside service.

・Google analytics

A privacy policy:

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About the setting method, please see the help of the browser using. Some services of our Web site may not be available when I choose setting to refuse all cookies.

6.About an inquiry

I will cope in during a rational period and a range after having had you report, and having confirmed that it is the person when a notice, disclosure, a correction, the addition of the use purpose of your information or deletion, suspension or removal, the stop of the offer to a third party are hoped for about our possession personal data. When I cannot accept all or a part of the proposal of the customer, I inform you of the reason.
Apply for the proposal mentioned above, the inquiry about other personal information over mail, a telephone to the following inquiry windows.

Central Japan Railway bus general affairs department general affairs personnel department
3-103, Komoto, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya-shi
) but to remove Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and 12/30-1/3 until telephone 052(352) 7800 ( from 9:00 to 17:00

On when a notice, the disclosure of the use purpose of your information are hoped for among the above-mentioned proposals, requesting once; fee 500 yen (please note that will have tax-excluded ).