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About the particularly correspondence ( refund ) of the ticket accompanied with the influence of the new coronavirus (March 2 update )

 Thank you very much for always using Central Japan Railway buses.

 As you accept refund when it stops a trip under the influence of new coronavirus without having a fee, please report to JR bus window nearby.

[each JR bus window]
Nagoya Sta. ( JR Tokai Bus Nagoya tourist bureau ), Shizuoka Sta. ( JR Tokai Bus Shizuoka Sta. ), Tokyo Sta. ( Tokyo Sta. JR express bus terminal ), Osaka Station ( Osaka Sta. JR Express Bus Terminal )

As a fee will incur when the customer who uses the Internet in Japan Expressway Bus Net, and is settled is operated by yourself, please refer beforehand.
※When you contact rate storing representation company ( WELLNET ) about the customer of the convenience store payment in Japan Expressway Bus Net, a desk work fee will incur separately.
※Please refer to the origin of purchase for the customer of the purchase in ) such as sale site ( express bus dot-com, Rakuten Travel except ) such as travel agency ( JTB, Meitetsu World Travel and the Japan Expressway Bus Net.

It is 10:00-18:30 ) JR Tokai Bus Nagoya tourist bureau 0570-048939 ( reception hours