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About the service of the express bus accompanied with the influence and the request to a customer for new coronavirus infectious disease (July 3 update )

 By the Central Japan Railway bus, I performed suspension, the decrease of flights of the express bus under the influence of a new coronavirus infectious disease, but resume the operation partly after June 1. It is that give a response where it is available with preventive measures against infection by you on the use in peace in addition and would appreciate your understanding and cooperation. In addition, I may do it with postponement and service cancellation of the resumption of operation when the revisions of the coping policy of the government, the local government on the basis of trend and that of infection spread are performed in future.

[on using it ask]
・For prevention of infection between customers, please wear a mask on a ride by all means. In addition, I have you refrain from the conversations in the loud voice, and I would like cooperation about thorough cough etiquette. The customer with a customer, fever and symptoms such as the strong tiredness ( lassitude ) or suffocation ( dyspnea ) that a mask is not worn may decline the use.
・Please cooperate to avoid congestion, the crowd at each window about the purchase of the ticket to have you go through the procedure in the Internet ( Japan Expressway Bus Net ).
・In the bus inside of car, customers may become adjoining. Please use it after checking the use situation in the Internet ( Japan Expressway Bus Net ) beforehand. In addition, there is the seat putting off the release for prevention of infection by some buses.
・I hope that I open an interval and perform loading and unloading that it is said that it is minimum about the baggage and avoids the crowd around the trunk room in the case of the bus getting on and off.
・In the case of a ride, ( particularly the ride ) from the bus stop on the way, please finish a reservation, the purchase beforehand to avoid closeness in the bus inside of car.

[about the suspension of the blanket service]
・From the viewpoint of infectious disease extended prevention, I suspend rental of blanket ( blanket ) putting on Night Bus. On the use, I would like the correspondence such as easy clothes of the temperature control.

[arrive to stop the release of the reduced fare ticket]
・I will restart the release of reduced fare tickets such as the "Hayauri" which put off the release on some lines "Tokuwari" sequentially.

[, as for the current service situation, please see a table from the following link]
Nagoya district ⇔ Tokyo District ( June 29, 2020 update PDF )
Nagoya - Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Chugoku, Shikoku area ( June 24, 2020 update PDF )
Nagoya - Takayama, Kofu, Hokuriku area ( July 3, 2020 update PDF )
Shizuoka Hamamatsu departure and arrival, Night Bus ( June 29, 2020 update PDF )

※The bus of the Chubu International Airport departure and arrival is all flight suspension for the time being
※The service vehicle may be different from a normal guidance vehicle.

<the handling at each JR bus window>
I handle it in Nagoya Sta. ( JR Tokai Bus Nagoya tourist bureau ), Shizuoka Sta. ( JR Tokai Bus Shizuoka Sta. ), Tokyo Sta. ( Tokyo Sta. JR express bus terminal ), Osaka Station ( Osaka Sta. JR Express Bus Terminal ).
※The Shizuoka Sta. reopens business from Wednesday, July 1, 2020. It is 10:00-18:00 ) ( business hours ※13:00-14:00 closes

Central Japan Railway bus Nagoya tourist bureau 0570-048939 ( reception hours 10:00-18:30 )