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"JR Tokai Bus Free Wi-Fi" connection methods

◆Setting method of various terminals
 ① I tap "setting".
 ② I tap "Wi-Fi" and turn it on.
 ③ I choose "JR Tokai bus_Free_Wi-Fi" among a list of networks.

◆I agree to connection and terms
 ① I start a browser.
 ② If portal site is displayed, I tap "I am connected to the Internet".
 ③ I tap "I agree" after the agreement for Terms of Use and a privacy policy.
 ④ I input a full name, an e-mail address and tap "registration".
 ⑤ I tap "I agree" after confirmation about a security level.
 ⑥ Connection completion! Connection is enabled to the Internet and can move to other homepages.

◆Terms of Use
 ・I can use it each time until 180 minutes.
 ・It is available free.
 ・The user registration is effective for one year.