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About the infection prevention, preventive measures of the new coronavirus infectious disease against spreads (June 17 update )

As preventive measures against infection prevention, spreads of the new coronavirus infectious disease, I will guide the request to a customer and our correspondence situation as follows. In addition, I set up a task force for the purpose of quick correspondence at the time of prevention and the outbreak of the infection spread in the head office.

[to a customer ask]
-Mask wearing - of the customer
I have you bring a mask and wear a mask during a ride and hope that I refrain from conversations as much as possible.

-Conduct - of the finger sterilization of the customer

After having performed finger sterilization with antiseptic solution attached to the inside of car when it is taken, I would appreciate your taking it.
※There is a vehicle without some equipment

-Other -
From the viewpoint of infectious disease extended prevention, I suspend rental of blanket ( blanket ) putting on Night Bus. On the use, I would like the correspondence such as easy clothes of the temperature control

[about preventive measures against infection prevention, spreads carrying out in us]
-Physical condition management - of the employee

I perform the temperature measurement in morning and evening and, for all employees, try for physical condition grasp every day. I perform the temperature measurement in the working place where one go to ground and, about the crew in particular, act for physical condition grasp and decide to take measures not to let duty take me about the employee who judged that I have a difficulty in duty.

-Thorough - such as the hand-washing
For all employees, I carry out hand-washing, sterilization with the finger antiseptic solution thoroughly diligently without being limited during working hours. In addition, I let a crew carry portable finger antiseptic solution.

-Wearing - of the mask
Because a customer uses it in peace, a crew or a teller employee oblige all employees to the wearing of the mask. In addition, I take off a mask depending on the situation including the case that people are not near by the whole driving and outwork that people are not in the car and may work because an employee will prevent that it is heat stroke with a rise of temperature, the humidity from now on over the summer.

-Infection prophylaxis - in the inside of car
For an elbow, I sterilize the point where a handrail, a table, the customer including the doorknob of the restroom touch.
※I may not carry it out by the operation of the vehicle partly.

-Infection prophylaxis - at the tourist bureau window
I install an acrylic board for the prevention of droplet infection in the tourist bureau window counter and, in the case of the row, have you take the distance with other customers and line up for securing of physical distance. In addition, I provide the finger antiseptic solution which a customer can use freely.

-Ventilation - in the car

About the ventilation of the traveling bus inside of car, I perform the fresh air circulation that fresh air and shyness are automatically replaced by.
( reference ) ※I move to the outside site
About the air conditioning of the trailer bus in the car
Mitsubishi Fuso truck bus )
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